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Will Press Release Distribution Help Your Online Business?

Running an online business is hard work. In addition to all the hours you put in there are also marketing costs to consider. Getting the most for your advertising dollar is critical. One method of advertising many business owners overlook is press release distribution. This can be an affordable and effective way to market your business when done properly.

The Advantages of Press Release Distribution

Google can make or break an online business. The world’s largest search engine uses complicated algorithms to determine which websites get high search rankings. There was a time when article marketing was effective but this has changed. Today, Google values news sites much higher than article directories.

The best press release distribution service that is submitted to multiple sites has a much better chance of ranking for desired keywords. A higher ranking increases the chances that the press release will go viral. It is possible to achieve placement on hundreds of sites with a single press release. Your release will also appear in social media feeds and in Google News.

It’s all about visibility. You need traffic. The primary advantage of a press release is that it reaches a larger audience. There are many journalists and website owners who subscribe to the RSS feed of press release distribution websites. As soon as your release is published it appears before the eyes of influencers that can help the release go viral.

Combine Press Releases with Other Marketing Tactics

If online marketing were as simple as submitting a press release the world would be full of online millionaires. Press release distribution is a strong tactic but it works best when combined with other methods.

Your goal is to rank on the first page of Google searches for a specific keyword. One single press release might not do the trick. You need to approach search engine ranking like shooting at a target. Each shot you make gives you another chance to hit the bullseye.

Articles are still an effective marketing tool like outreach link building but only work if you offer valuable content. Spinning articles you find online will not fool Google. The company’s search algorithm is way beyond spun content. You may be punished, in fact, if you do that. Focus on making your articles unique. They should add something new to the existing conversation.

Blog posts are subject to the same rule. They can work wonders but must be original. A final tactic is to create a YouTube video channel and fill it with relevant videos. Video is huge right now. It allows the visitor to consume information in a very short span of time, and videos have a greater chance of going viral.

Whatever you do, be consistent. Keep submitting press releases once your business has established the habit of doing so. With patience you will see results.