Find out if you are Penalized by latest Google Panda Refresh

Penalized by Google Panda Refresh

Despite efforts to avoid costly penalties of Web sites like hiring a link building expert like Eric Ward or Craig McConnel. there is always a certain number of web sites, either by faulty design of the platforms that support it or use SEO techniques penalized, they are penalized by Google.

As I said above Google wants its rates are as clean as possible spam content, which increases the processing contents (websites) and affects the quality of search results.

A very common feature in Web penalized by any version of Panda is the existence of many Web pages without traffic from Google for being excluded from the main index results.

The Google Webmaster Tools provide important help, specifically the state of indexing with which we know the total number of pages Googlebot found on our website. Example:

The figure shows this tool is the number of total pages googlebot found and are not blocked either via robots.txt or via HTML meta tags.

The total of these pages is the basis for the size that Google has our website.

Maybe we think we have published 200 pages but Google brings us a lower figure. It is likely to have bloquedado via robots or through the HTML code part of your content. Check it but is not indicative of penalty.

This is a case of an incorrect robots.txt file management or manager of content and options to block content without a penalty.

Where can we relate this information to the allocation of a penalty as Google Panda?

If your total is less than the total pages of pages showing the state of indexing with a difference of over 15% you can have a problem.

It may not be serious, you have not detected a significant drop in traffic from Google but you have to ask why and what those pages that have Google in their indices and you do not have controlled as published by your Web are?

If you have a difference of over 20% can be severely affected by Google Panda duplicate content. Identifies what content Google is finding that you are not publishing.

In our Google penalty recovery company you should keep in mind the use of locks. via robots.txt or code, and unnecessary duplicate content googlebot accessed. Alternatives should be applied but always knowing the source of the problem.

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