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Panda Breakthrough

Since you requested the Google penalty recovery services traffic drop checklist I’m going to assume that you might have experienced a traffic drop on your site.
I know it hurts and I sympathize with your situation because I’ve been there too. I lost 90% of my traffic after a Google update and it was one of the most stressful times of my life. Fortunately, I managed to get it ALL back and I’m going to show you exactly how I did it so you can do it too.
However, first I have to let you know that it’s important that you take action right now… because it’s likely to get worse if you don’t.
In fact, this might not be the first drop in traffic that you experience…
You might have experienced another traffic drop in the past, and now it’s possible that it has gotten so bad that you’re now seeking out a solution. The reason I’m telling you this is not to scare you, it’s so that you take action NOW before it gets worse.

So that’s the bad news: If you don’t fix it, it is likely to get worse.


The good news is that Google is JUST a piece of software that analyzes your site and spits out a ranking.


That means that IF you feed it a site that it likes, it will rank you high.

And if you feed it a site it dislikes, it will crush your traffic.


It doesn’t have feelings, it doesn’t hold a grudge.


That’s why you can recover ANY site, no matter how bad it is at the moment.


As long as you give Google what it wants, the robot part of Google will read it and give your site a high score.


Allow me to repeat: Google is just an algorithm that evaluates your site.


Because it’s just an algorithm, if you give it what it wants, it will give you high rankings.


Right now if you’ve experienced a traffic drop, it’s likely that Google dislikes your site and is killing your rankings (and subsequently traffic).


So, the fastest way to recover all your traffic is to:


Step 1: Figure out what to fix on your site.

Step 2: Fix the site.

Step 3: Wait 1-4 days


And… right now, we’re at Step 1 and that CAN be the hardest (and longest) part if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for. That’s where I come in.


I created a program called Panda Breakthrough based on my recoveries that shows you exactly how to fix your site so that you fall in Google’s “good graces” again. This isn’t tricking Google, this is all about giving Google exactly what it wants the most (Hint: These elements are not disclosed in the webmaster help section…) when it evaluates website.


This isn’t just a fluke technique that worked for me once… This is a program that has worked for hundreds of other people (big and small website owners) that have experienced severe traffic losses.


The program is easy to go through so you can be done Step 1 by tonight if you start now. (Plus, I made the videos fun and enjoyable so it’s entertaining to watch).


I’ll also walk you through Step 2 which is fixing your site so you can have that done as fast as possible. (And you’ll see, when you’re making all the RIGHT changes to the site, you can get this done with minimal effort. Sometimes it’s as simple as changing a few words, or adding a few characters or even images.)


Remember, there are only 3 steps:


Step 1: Figuring out what Google wants (Part 1 of the Panda Breakthrough program)

Step 2: Giving Google what it wants on your site (Part 2 of the Panda Breakthrough program)

Step 3: Recovering!


If you want to recover your traffic today, then get the Panda Breakthrough program now. It will will walk you through the steps to recover your site, tell you exactly what Google is looking for and help you fix your site so that your traffic bounces back.
p.s. And even though Panda Breakthrough has worked for hundreds of other people (myself included), if for any reason it does NOT work for you (hey, it’s possible), then you’re covered with my 100% money back guarantee. No hassle, no questions asked. This is my way of making it a completely risk-free offer. If it works for you, great, you get all your traffic back! If it doesn’t, then you get all your money back.


p.s.s. Even though I sound friendly (I am) and this might be written casually, don’t let that fool you. Panda Breakthrough is an enterprise level program that was designed to recover the most challenging websites and has been featured in marketing magazines (Internet Marketing Magazine), presented at SEO conferences around the world (SEO Rockstars, Traffic and Conversions, I.M.P), discussed on podcasts and more. Panda Breakthrough has been peer reviewed by the top search engine specialists in the world, tried and tested… it WORKS on all sites (e-commerce sites, information, sites, affiliate sites, review sites, local sites, business sites, education sites, magazine style sites, service sites and more.)