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Outdated SEO techniques

Currently it is 2015, a year that has not proven easy for SEO as digital marketers.

With updates that have suffered over recent years algorithms as Google Panda and Penguin, it is no surprise that the aspect of digital marketing and specifically the SEO (search engine optimization) is in constant change.

This volatility requires that digital marketers become agile with their strategies, often adapting to the latest rumors lines guides or changes by the search engines algorithms.

Through this article we will support you to understand what tactics should not be implemented on the ground that no longer work are.
1) Get links to a higher rank

In the past, the construction of as many links as possible, without analyzing the domain, or the type of relationship was or was like the safe SEO company work normally. It was pulling traffic where it was, by doing this, your website was sure to go climbing towards a more relevant range.

Link building is still a very important part of ranking factors today, of course, always the case of quality links.

According to the search metric, this tactic remains in use and is of the top 5 most important factors, but as mentioned above, will have to be radically different from what took place in the past, focusing on quality.

About Penguin 2.0, which was released in May 2013, it was when all this began to change. Currently, the focus on the quality of the links are getting is a priority, leaving out the amount. As the famous phrase, sometimes less is more, if you know how to build links the right way.
2) The rich in the keywords content for better indexing

It used to be important that when you write your text or items, the same content and keyword incorporated coincide exactly.

That change, because what Google used for indexing, is the latent semantics (LSI), which was conceived by date February 2004 and has become more and more prominent in the searches through each new update.

With this type of indexing the content of a web page tracks the search engine and the most common words or phrases are unified and identified as keywords from that site. Latent semantic, who is also looking for synonyms that are related to its objective keywords.

Currently, it is crucial to optimize your site so as to experience the robots but more to the user’s visit; how just how it is, it is that you do not have to place the keywords, one by one in content. Write content for users, keeping sight of the human approach, writing meaningful and above all make emotions stick to them, look like in the future, your site will be indexed by itself. Why are we so sure of this? Because using synonyms and related terms, as well as proper network links, the search engines understand what your goal.
3) Only focus on links and content

About 5 years ago, the SEO used to be, most of all based on links, getting thousands of them, some good code and acceptable content. These days, most web pages are really taking an escalation in the rankings, are also those that have a great social influence. People are in constant discussion if it directly or indirectly affects and even some say that this really has no influence inside as ranks, but of course it does have an impact.

Think of it this way, while your website is becoming more popular socially, more eyes are drawn to him. The more people see it, we will get more backlinks and traffic. In addition to this, the media and social networks are a great tactic to submit content, they read, share and get the attraction we seek.
4) Create more pages or more domains have to get more traffic

Some people have the misconception that if you have more pages, it may be more likely to get more traffic to your main domain or central website. Like link building, content creation (mediocre or poor) just to have more pages will not help you or help. Make sure you focus on your content, providing quality. If you do not have good content, not rank your site the way you want and all the pages you have created will not be positive for their cause.

Officially introduced in February 2011, Google’s Panda updates and have proven to be getting better, was improved in detecting harmful to users of the large search engine content. In our time, if you have poor content, it is possible that your site could face a penalty from Google, so make sure you are creating great content that users deserve and want to read.

On Friday, July 3 will continue with this important issue, we hope the information provided will work in the best way possible to stress to be analyzed thoroughly all the information we can find on the basis of how to position our website, because Google never advertised or alexa1232spostula something specific watered and information on the internet can be confusing and useless.

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