Google Penguin Penalty 4.0 Real-time Update and Google Amp News

Google Penguin Penalty 4.0 Real-time Update and Google Amp News

Google Penguin 2016 4.0 real-time has finally been announced by Google, yet the observations indicate it was in testing, refreshing or running well before the announcement. SEO expert consultants were discussing the roller-coaster ride in the SERPs, along with a massive spike in crawling, and even the crawl errors. Google isn’t calling it 4.0 as it’s now baked in to its algo, but we thought it deserved to be given a reference point, in our opinion. Of course, now it’s in the algo we’re unlikely to hear from Google on any further updates to Penguin. Diagnosing Penguin penalties should still be possible if you don’t hire the best Google penalty recovery services.  However, even if it’s become more difficult, and it’s just as important to know the backlink profile to your site, and links to any individual pages. Take a look though our threads on all these topics in this month’s newsletter and let’s hear your observations on Penguin 4.0 real-time.

Google AMP is in the news again with as many as 600 million AMP pages in Google’s SERPs. The pages will have their own AMP logo, although Google says it won’t affect the ranking.

Bing says it’s been working on enhancing autocomplete, and two sectors are already getting the treatment. It’s clear that this technology is likely to become more prevalent and we may see more of the intelligent autocomplete rolling out for other sectors.

I find it ironic that an ad block business announced it’s rolling out an advertising exchange program for advertisers to get to people that use the ad blocker. What a digital advertising world we live in, huh?

There are many other educational threads in the last month, including whether webmasters ought to have a unique IP for HTTPS sites., how to calculate ROI based on true lead value or quality. You may want to learn from an interesting thread on link building mistakes newbies and professionals make every day.


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