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New Google Panda: Impact on rankings Panda 4.1

On September 25 online magazine Search Engine Land announced the entry into action of a new update of the fearsome hunter spam content, Google Panda, in this case version 4.1, Read The Google Panda update 27 – Panda 4.1 – unfolds

The origin of the information comes, interestingly, a message Pierre Far from Google Plus, Google UK, soon after brief announcing the deployment of the new Panda update.

According to this source, the new update gives opportunities to some and creates new penalties for others so get ready to call your PPC Management Company and tell them to get the campaigns “started again”.

Those who stand to gain, for now, would be small website with quality content, they tend to gain from these updates, as well as those sites that corrected the reasons why they were penalized by previous versions of Panda.

Web penalties fall on those who continued keeping spam techniques and, for some reason, had escaped the quality control algorithm.

However it is possible that the new update has quietly begun to ravage the longest since the entry into action of genetic algorithms of Google us complicates the task of SEO makes; these algorithms “learn” as a result of the problems detected and resolved efficiently.

With these algorithms it is possible that many Web have begun to discrete drops in traffic

In several recent analyzes I have detected discrete drops in traffic via Google since June. Some of these Web had made it out safe from all previous versions of Panda and kept to study the effects of such an algorithm.

Here I show the case where the Panda version 4.1 has generated severe involvement:

With good traffic from Google in the month of May begins to falls that move 10% to 15% every week until the month of September where that decline is accelerating.

Comments and discussions on this new version can be followed Panda 4.1 Rolling Out always taking into account to assess the size and registered in the index of Google as a result of these changes may be contradictory and need to validate the comments according to our problems changes.


Google Panda: searches on Google Panda: 2008 – 2014

Panda algorithm updates starts become habitual and can be interesting to know the interest rises within the SEO community worldwide. Here I present some data that can help them in tracking the updates.

Google Trends reports the first significant searches on this issue in June 2008 when they began the first updates later known as Panda.

Subsequently Panda interest remained more or less stable until the end of December 2018, the month in which a decline begins search for this topic.

The calm that breathes international SEO community breaks from March 2011 to as much research about this dreaded algorithm in August 2011 when new updates concentrated many searches related to how to get out of Google Panda, if there possible escape.

The answer to many questions about Panda and how they can leave the affected Web sites this problem comes to us in July 2012 for the best possible source, Matt Cutts in his famous conference call with its anti-spam team from India. You can read a summary of these guidelines: Recover from Google Panda.

The countries with the largest number of Google searches related to Panda can be seen in this graph also generated via Google Trends:

India tops, country as we all know has a very strong community SEO list. However it may also indicate that it is for us to be the largest community after the algorithm or more working for its solution.

The mass production of content and duplicity of which has been a constant in many companies low cost production from that country. On the other side is a very active search SEO community on how to overcome the new Google algorithms.

Frequently asked questions by seeking information from Panda are:

Searches from Spain related to Google Panda are not significtivas, being a specific searches, in specific months of the years 2011 and 2011.

In conclusion we must say that tracking Google penalty service Panda and its constant updates necessitate continuous monitoring to the subject by that “war does not kill soldier warned.”

To check if you have affectations of this algorithm update let not consult Barracuda