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1 in 6 websites have experienced Google penalties.*

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1 in 6 websites have experienced an SEO Penalty*

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Google Panda & Penguin Penalty Recovery Services

Recovery Services for Google Panda and Penguin penalties targeting sites that have a low quality content, which use slightly plagiarized content, and mainly do not meet Google’s quality standards. Google Penguin on the other hand is concerned with websites that use low quality links or build links that are missing. If you notice that your website is not getting the traffic it did, it would be possible that he was the prey of penalties Google Panda and Penguin.

As a safe SEO website and SEO reseller, we are generally concerned about how to help our clients recover penalties Penguin, how to create good content that can be shared and what needs to be done to ensure that new updates do not affect drastically their business sites.

Our many years of experience and study of the dynamic SEO greatly helped to propel us to the top of excellent service delivery. We continue to study the dynamics of google penalty recovery, provide our customers with reliable strategies on how to use the strategies of the “white hat” to achieve a higher ranking strategies and how to avoid the “black hat” which essentially contributed to the high suffering of companies around the world.

Google Penguin updates becomes a problem for companies

The Google Penguin penalty continues to be the major concern especially for sites that have worked hard on their rankings in the search engines.

The penalty Google Penguin essentially targeted sites with low quality links, dummy links, poor quality content, on-keyword optimization and excessive dependence on black hat SEO strategies to push their site up in the search engines. At PenaltyProof, we have the expertise, experience, and technical expertise to assess the extent of damage and to develop strategies through which you can get your website penalties.

Mainly, Google Penguin refresh recovery services begins with a complete analysis of your website to check what caused it in the first place. We have a dedicated and specialized team of professionals who manually checks all your back links, the quality of your links, external links, but as your anchor text to determine what needs to be fixed and get your Penguin website. The report we issue may be presented to your webmaster who could do something about it or you can simply ask to fixing your site on your account.
Rank It will help you get your high rankings again!

Google recovery algorithms

The algorithm updates us is affordable. We focus on achieving the best possible results and especially keep routine maintenance of your site to ensure that everything goes as planned. We specialize in helping to bring back the normal sites with high ranking success but have suffered both penalties Penguin and Panda. PenaltyProof has worked successfully with clients worldwide in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, China and even France to help bring their sites to the top of search engines for penalty recovery services. Essentially, we are not only concerned about providing solutions but also to train our clients on what they really mean penalties from Google.
Need a link disavowal?

First, what is a link disavowal? It is a tool that allows us to tell Google not to consider some links to our website. These links already removed previously belonged to site owners to manually keep in contact with other site owners. It was a very tedious task if you have many links to your site while most of the time the other site owners would never come back to you.

That’s why Google released the disavowal tool is to give others a chance to fix the dummy links pointing to their site. However, it should be used only by link building service experts. Ask yourself these questions. Suffice it to say, there is a decent amount of links pointing to your site, how can you:

Access all those links?

  • View the parameters and values of those links?
  • Quickly be able to sort thousands of links
  • Know the disavowal of links
  • How even perform and present a disavowal to Google?

It’s still quite a delicate process and if it is not done properly you can even grow your site more penalties. Reset easy we runĀ  hummingbird safe seo company Therefore our agency can do all this for you. Even if you do not wish to register with our site for SEO services, we offer a free consultation with our Google penalty removal program Penguin & Panda Google! Contact us today for more information.